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Dr. Jessica Schwartz PT, DPT, CSCS is an award winning orthopedic residency trained doctor of physical therapy, a National Spokeswoman for the American Physical Therapy Association, Founder of Concussion Corner Academy®, host of the Concussion Corner Podcast, and a post-concussion syndrome survivor, advocate and concussion educator.

After spending a full year in rehabilitation, experiencing the profound dichotomy of being both doctor and patient, Dr. Schwartz identified the gaps in concussion treatment and management in the global healthcare community. Her role has been to identify the cognitive blind spots for healthcare providers, physicians to athletic trainers, focusing on comprehensive targeted physical examinations, rehabilitative teams, and concussion care management.

Her vision is to facilitate collective competence across the healthcare continuum in order to better identify, treat, and care for the concussion patient of today while putting the "care back into healthcare" for this underserved patient population.

Dr. Schwartz hopes that by educating each other about the multi-system nature of these injuries and the scopes of practices of the multidisciplinary providers that have access to and have the ability to care for this cohort of patient, she will be able to facilitate a better patient-clinician encounter.

By speaking candidly about her experience with post-concussion syndrome, she hopes to facilitate learning from provider to provider, patient to provider, and caregiver to provider honing in on the power of storytelling and collegial communication from a place of candor, curiosity and enthusiasm.

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